Bull Sharks
Dive with these majestic creatures for an encounter of a lifetime

Fuel your adrenaline and admire the bull sharks in their natural habitat!


Bull shark season is starting again soon. From mid-November until March, female bull sharks return close to the shores of Playa del Carmen, where they enjoy the mix of salt and fresh water, coming out from the cenotes. Bull sharks are known for their robust shape and and many divers travel the world hoping for an encounter.


In Playa del Carmen, you’ll have the opportunity to see them in their natural habitat where they will barely pay attention to you but give you the opportunity to have a really close look at these kings of the sea.


Requires advanced certification or substantial deep dive experiences.

Bull Shark Dive

Dive with these majestic creatures and have the encounter of a lifetime. 

Weights, tanks, equipment and guide included. 

**transfers not included




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