Try Diving 2

Discover scuba diving for the first time with us!


If you’re not quite ready to commit to a full course or are short on time you can do one of our try dives and see what it is like to breathe underwater for the first time while enjoying some of the beautiful reefs Cozumel has to offer.


You will be with one of our trusted and experienced instructors the entire time who will guide you through the basic skills of Scuba Diving and teach you all you need to know about diving for the first time.


Unlike most shops around the island and depending on your level of comfort in the water, we have 3 different discover scuba diving options.


All options are divided into 3 parts:


A small theoretical class where diving basic and equipment are taught. In this part, the instructor explains everything you need to know before entering the water.

A confined (shallow) water session, where you will practice how to solve the situations that may occur while diving: equalize the ears, empty the mask, clear the regulator etc. Our instructor will make sure that all students are comfortable before entering deeper water.


After mastering all those technics you will be doing a supervised dive at a maximum of 12 meters, through a safe and quiet area where you can enjoy the beauty of the seabed, with the opportunity to see turtles, rays, nurse sharks and hundreds of different reef fish.


The instructor will make sure that your first experience under the water is safe and fun. The only requirement we have for discover scuba diving is to be at least 10 years and without health problems

2-Tank Trip

Spend a morning on one of our spacious boats, relaxing between dives and enjoying a delicious lunch.

Weights, tanks, refreshments, marine park pass & lunch all included.


3-Tank Trip

What’s better than 2 dives? 3 dives! Join us for a 3 tank trip and visit 3 of Cozumel’s famous reefs.

Weights, tanks, refreshments, marine park pass & lunch all included.

*Minimum 3 divers


Scuba Refresh

Haven’t dived in a while? We’ll take you for a quick refresher before an easy dive to help you regain your confidence in the water.

Weights, tanks, refreshments, marine park pass & lunch all included.



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